Trade Register n° : CI-ABJ-03-2020-M-15094

Taxpayer Account: 1985 187 B

The purpose of the company is directly or indirectly, in all countries and more particularly in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire:

– Consulting, assistance, engineering and any service provision in the field of mining research, exploitation, processing and marketing;

– The import, export and marketing of any article and products necessary for the research, exploitation, processing, transport of mining products;

– The possession of all mining rights, prospecting, research for all mineral substances as well as the carrying out of any studies necessary for mining;

– Training in exploration and mining techniques.



  • Holder of a CIAPOL approval (Decision No- 2 0 1/ IMINEDD/CIAPOL/LCE/SJ of 22 December 2020) to measure water and air pollution parameters.


  • Holder of an agreement (ARRETE N°00132 of 03 June 2021 for the performance of Strategic Environmental Assessment Studies, Environmental and Social Impact Studies and Environmental Audits).